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My Story 

My  love for food and cooking began very early in life. 

As a teenager, I would experiment in the kitchen, often beginning with a recipe and then improvising with a bit of this or a pinch of that, until I was satisfied with my creation.

My passion for cooking continued when I had my own family, and I took great joy in sharing my creations with them.  I would visit local farms and markets with my three children, selecting fresh fruits and vegetables such as Cowichan Bay asparagus and mini cucumbers to experiment with when we returned to our home by the sea.  I have always insisted on using the freshest, local ingredients.

 I perfected my recipes over the years, laboring over intricate combinations of tastes and flavours for the enjoyment of the people dear to me. 

Lisa's Own began in 1985, when my husband (who has loved my cooking for over 33 years) and friends encouraged me to share my unique Antipasto with my community.  Today I share my lovingly created preserves with so many!

Lisa's Own

Lisa's Own Home Made Preserves  from Cowichan Bay 

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