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A Holiday Favourite! 

A warming gift for everyone on your holiday list! 

Spicy Mulled Cider Mix:

3/4 Cup crushed cinnamon sticks

3/4 Cup chopped dried orange rind

1/3 Cup whole allspice

1/4 Cup whole cloves

In a jar combine cinnamon, orange rind, allspice and cloves, makes about 2 cups.

Spicy Mulled Cider:

4 Cups apple juice (or red wine)

2 Tbsp spicy mulled cider mix

1 whole orange sliced in wheels

In sauce pan combine apple juice (or red wine), orange slices and spicy mulled cider mix. Cover and bring to simmer.

Gently simmer for 20 mins and put in mugs and enjoy!




Spiced Mulled Cider Mix

Mulled Wine with Fruit
With any of Lisa's Own recipes, feel free to take pictures of your own creations and send them to us or post them to our Facebook page. We'd love to see them!

Lisa's Own Home Made Preserves  from Cowichan Bay 

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